Benchmark of 3D virtual environments report published

Benchmark report

This report is done as part of the Professional Collaboration and Productivity in Virtual Worlds (ProViWo) project which studies how virtual worlds can be used in professional, work related collaboration. The project is funded by Tekes’ Spaces and Places program and company partners. The project lasts until 6/2012.

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The purpose of this report is to provide results of the benchmark of 3D virtual environments and to clarify their properties in professional use. The report will best serve the purposes of organizations familiarizing themselves with different 3D virtual environments or preparing for trial program of a 3D virtual platform. Our report is based on review of the features and details of 33 virtual environments that can be – in our opinion – applied in professional context in the most common use cases. This report presents four of these use cases and provides some examples of different 3D virtual environments that can be applied in these cases.

We intend to provide regular updates and additional viewpoints to the benchmark until the end of our research project. As this technology and the whole industry based on this technology are changing fast – with actors coming and going and new technological breakthroughs possibly changing the rules of the whole industry – we invite you to give us feedback and comments in this blog about the report and possible viewpoints for the upcoming updates. We already know a couple of new platforms to look into and also new functionalities in established platforms, but we probably have missed many others. Next update of the report is scheduled by the end of October 2011.