Benchmark of 3D virtual environments report updated

Benchmark report

This is the second scheduled update for our report, which purpose is to provide the results of the benchmark of 3D virtual environments and to clarify their properties in professional use. The report will best serve the purposes of organizations familiarizing themselves with different 3D virtual environments or preparing for trial program of a 3D virtual platform.

For these purposes we have looked into over 90 environments, and based on our criteria we have selected 39 of them for more thorough testing. This version of the report follows the structure of the original report – we do not present all the selected 39 environments, nor do we make long lists about features that can be found in these environments to accomplish a certain task.

This updated report has a new section, which includes our viewpoints on change management. We intend to continue providing regular updates and additional viewpoints to the benchmark until the end of our research project. Next update of the report is scheduled June 2012.

This report is done as part of the Professional Collaboration and Productivity in Virtual Worlds (ProViWo) project which studies how virtual worlds can be used in professional, work related collaboration. The project is funded by Tekes’ Spaces and Places program and company partners.

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