Beginning of my trip – and this blog

This is a blog written by Timo (me) about my exchange semester at the technical university of munich (TUM). I’m writing this in English, because not everyone in my family speaks English.  (so grandpop, you better read this)

I’m currently at the Helsinki airport, drinking a coffee with 14 minutes until boarding. Everything went well and I managed to get through the check in even with my ‘extra’ carry-on, my laptop.

Last evening I noticed that I had not planned on how to get from the Munich airport to my new home :S I didn’t have any map or anything. Luckily Petri (my brother) had given me a top-10 -book about Munich, including a map 🙂

Weather in Munich should be nice, +26C, compared to the +3C it was here in Helsinki in the morning.

p.s. terkkuja ennille (: