Barker, P. (2008) How Social Media Is Transforming Employee Communications at Sun Microsystems, Global Business and Organizational Excellence, vol. 27 (4). pp. 6-14

As suspected based on the author’s title and paper’s title, this was quite commercial paper. But is has concerete examples how Sun uses social media. They started from the idea of turning traditional top-down communication upside down. Also their global company culture has led to a point where people are more physically disconnected than ever before, and social media can offer virtual meeting places for the employees. They see the potential compared to communication via e-mail in social media: social media enables broader participation in a format that can be extracted, archived, organized, searched, and tagged. Social media is used to locate expertise, and this leads to curiosity towards Facebook-like internal social network, where people can see the experts and connect to them. To train people how to use social media wiki was used. Another example of the use of wiki is customer engineering wiki, which was a central repository for all things related to customer engineering (product information, technical tools, events, etc.). Other features in the SunWeb 2.0 are video-sharing, tagging, voting, and social bookmarking.