Barber shop graphics top 3

Sometimes a good illustration will say more about your establishment than a dozen of photographs ever will. Here’s the best of window graphics from three Finnish cities.

Don’t you love the way she flicks that long, flowing mane of hers? This establishment definetely gets points for being called “the headmaster”. It however also gets points deducted for having a photograph next to the illustration. That smells lack of confidence.

Upon seing this sign I expect a classic male coiffeur to cut my hair. I expect him to cut it short, and I don’t expect him to dye it or do anything else that’s weird. I however do expect him to use brylcreem.

“What, do they still sell Brylcreem” I will ask him, “I thought that went out of business in the late 50s”?
“They don’t” he’ll reply, “I make it myself out of soap, after shave and beeswax.”

I will not ask him any further questions.

Look, it’s the hair that counts, okay? Noone cares about your face. Now, let me give that mullet a light trim.