Audio Programming as a profession

Audio programmers are not implementation, engine, or DSP coders, says Fournel. Rather, they should revolutionalize the games …

Mobile audio programming is a field in development. The carreer path of MAP in the field of computer games is best described in this blog by Nicolas Fournel, a principal programmer at Sony CE:

After identifying the current role of an audio programmer from a post by Brian Schmidt as one of the implementation, engine, or DSP programmer, Nicolas believes the audio programmer’s main role and focus should rather be to imagine new audio-centric solutions to the problems of the game teams and the sound department. He points out a few examples of what an audio programmer could be working on (absent from games and pipelines today, much behind the visuals):

  • New game designs based on audio analysis,
  • sound effects generated at runtime with procedural audio,
  • perceptual voice management,
  • spectrally-informed mixing
  • audio shaders, and
  • content-aware audio tools