ATDF Rooftop Garden Workshop 2012

This is an exemplary post of workshop and course outcomes. Please feel free to give comments and ideas to the form.

Aalto-Tongji Design Factory (ATDF) Rooftop Garden Workshop has now passed the 1st–short and very intensive–phase in Aalto University in Helsinki, and the student representatives have arrived in Shanghai on October 26 and now preparing their presentations to the ATDF board. Follow the day-to-day update with photos on Flickr.

The brief

The main task of this workshop is to design a desirable rooftop garden of Aalto-Tongji Design Factory in Shanghai, which is a joint effort of Tongji University and Aalto University. The rooftop garden should have following features: sustainability, creative, accessibility, reasonable function, interaction with the downstairs and surroundings, user friendly and inclusive consideration, etc.

The design challenge of this project can be described as following: 1. the rooftop has only one access and the stair is cragged, 2. there are a lot of solar heating machines on the roof, 3. the relationship with the existing smoke sauna, 4. the possibility of having a rooftop agriculture field.

The course consisted of two parts: one in Aalto University (Oct 1-5, 2 ECTS); one in Tongji University (Oct 15-Oct 30, 2-6 ECTS).

The first part of the course was a team-based workshop starting with context study, lectures and brainstorming, then was be followed by a working studio, to develop several scenarios of how the space can be used by the people of ATDF. The students finally finished the project with a physical model and/or a power point presentation. Lecturing, brain storming, group share, critique and desk review were the main teaching tools.

Derived concepts

Presentation slides with notes, presented in Media Factory in October 5th 2012

Sustainable Learning Island PDF
Jong Hoon Jun, Caroline Knappers, Allison Lin Chun, JungAe Seo, Oula Rahkonen

The Sustainable Learning Island creates a place for hands-on learning. It physically and virtually brings together students and companies who are working in the field of sustainable design. This two-way learning co-operation creates a community that assures continuity for the roof top.

Collage of Interactive Hubs PDF
Mia Okura, Fangting Li, Jenni Särmä, Timo Arjanko, Sofia Fager

The project creates a flexible platform for learning, relaxing, sharing, innovating and meeting – a collage of different cultures and actions! The design is based on a modular system which can be easily transformed for activities with different function and scale. We wanted the rooftop to be a central meeting place for people from different disciplines and highly self sustainable in food production – like a village in the countryside which doesn’t need much inputs from the outside world in order to sustain, but which also has very few outputs to the nature thanks to efficient recycling of materials and reuse of organic waste and manure.

Experimental Living Roof PDF
Kairit Sõlg, Nicholas Torretta, Olga Airaksinen, Sarri Kukkonen

Experimental Living Roof is a living laboratory to research and experiment with roof top cultivation in Shanghai. It providing space for learning, interaction and local food production. Experimental Living Roof strengthens and builds the brand of ATDF as a hub of innovative sustainability, ofers a platform for clean tech & other sustainable companies to showcase their products and becomes a multidisciplinary learning place where all stakeholders can meet, connect and innovate.

Power Plant Project PDF
Anna Kantanen, Daniel Morales, Hyeyoon Min, Kätlin Kangur, Zhong Shan

Power Plant project is a collaborative effort to create the rooftop of Design Factory and Sino-Finnish Centre as a platform of sustainable development through urban farming, shared space, knowledge and experience.