Arrival to Munich

I arrived yesterday here in Munich at about noon. I’m still kind of tired and overwhelmed about Munich, so I’m going to have to keep this post pretty simple and get as much out of my head before they are covered with the all-the-time happening new super-cool things.

Arrival day:

I arrived at the munich airport, which is about 1 hour of public transport (s+u -bahn) from my new house. Since I was moving, I had a lot of stuff with me. Me and Enni call this mueling (muulaus). On my back I had my 20 kg BIG backpack, on the front my “smaller” backpack, also big. and finally in my hand my precious laptop (~6 kg). When I emerged from the subway (=U-bahn) -station, I had no clue whatsoever in which direction my new home was. I did however know that it was only about 100 meters away (so close, but yet so far..).

My new home:

Upon arrival I received my key from Maria, while the landlord was on vacation. With her help I managed to check that everything was in ok in my new, but very simplistic and empty, home. My mission for the afternoon was to find and buy some basic living stuff, ie. blankets, sheets, towels etc. A nice pizza-lady told me about a ikea-like store somewhere in the region of a certain u-bahn station. After mueling my new stuff home I still needed to find an electronics-store for the internet cable and skyping stuff. In finland we have these stores with everything (house stuff, food stuff, electronics stuff), but sadly not in germany. Maria marked the place on my map and now I have everything, yay!

Munich is probably the coolest and most beautiful city I could have ever imagined, but during the first day everything kind of went right past me because I couldn’t find the stores really easily and I was extremely tired..

After the first night I went back to the home-stuff -store and bought a new pillow. A 4 euro pillow is not a good pillow to sleep on.

Day 2:

Since yesterday and today are supposed to be the last sunny summer days of the year, I dedicated most of the day to being a tourist. It was hot, +26 C at least. Much hotter than in Finland during the whole summer.. Since my new friend Maria offered to borrow one of her bikes to me, I spent the whole day bicycling around munich. This is a very very very beautiful place during summer. You have to come here some day.

I went to the english garden (=englisher garten) and bicycled through it to enjoy a nice refreshing Paulaner at the Kleinhesseloher See (a lake in the park). I thought I was at the other end of the big park, but now upon further google-mapping I see that I was maby only at 1/3 of the entire length of the park. COOOO-OOOL! I have lots of pictures, be sure to check them out once I’ve gotten them online.

After a long pre-midday (aamupäivä/vormittag) out I came home to pee. (at least I’m honest)

At home I ran into Maria again (since she’s apparently studying all the time for a test..) and she was on her way to a lake on the other side of the olympic park, about 30 minutes by bicycle from here, and asked if I wanted to come and check it out. I did.

The olympic park was also awesome, even though I only bicycled through it. It’s just unbelievable. The lake was also pretty nice, and I instantly regretted that I forgot my swimming shorts home, since the air was HOT, the water WARM and I had been bicycling all day. But, since I now new where to buy cheep clothes (or otherwise known as non-tourist or non-fashion store), I got back on the bike and pedaled back about 40-50 minutes to kaufingerstrasse, shopperstreet. It was PACKED with tourists and shops. And I found my rationally priced socks and underwear.

Now i’m writing this blog and for the evening I’ve scheduled a skype-meeting with Enni <3 and a meeting with some spanish guy who might sell me a used (perhaps stolen?) bike!

Thanks for reading to the end 🙂 I’ll post info about the photos sometime..