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As part of World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 programme, Critical Studio is a course for developing a critical dialogue around design within the Aalto University and outside it through international collaboration between students and practitioners.

Led by creative practice OK Do (Jenna Sutela, Anni Puolakka), the course examines the recent evolution of design profession. Viewing it as a tool for criticism as well as through its renewed ties with societal and ecological imperatives as well as other disciplines.

Critical Studio course is organised within the Contemporary Design Discourse module (course code: 10158), supervised by professor Ilpo Koskinenbetween 31 October and 16 December at the School of Art and Design. It  includes excursions to London and Amsterdam

The results of the course will be presented in the form of a publication.  Launched in spring 2012, it will demonstrate the voice of young designers in Helsinki. The course is intended for a group of 12 students from the Design and Media departments within the School of Art and Design at Aalto University.

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In the spirit of OK Do’s recent reading circles as part of their Museum of the Near Future event at the Museum of Finnish Architecture (September 2011), Critical Studio includes a lot of reading and discussion. Photo courtesy of OK Do.