Andierssen, J.H.E. (2003) Working with Groupware: Understanding and Evaluating Collaboration Technology

Andierssen’s book is a compact yet comprehensive introduction to collaboration technologies and especially on thinking and evaluating their quality from the users’ perspective.

In just 150 pages the book covers implications and roles of collaboration technology in work and society, technology acceptance and system match theories, group processes, innovation and implementation processes and builds an integrated model of evaluating collaboration technologies.

The book builds strongly on theories and (academic) research. It covers e.g. structuration theory, action theory, situated action theory, technology acceptance models, media choice and media richness theory, activity theory, trust and cohesion, innovation/technology diffusion etc.

I highly recommend the book for anyone studying or working with collaboration technologies.

Andierssen, J.H.E. (2003) Working with Groupware: Understangin and Evaluating Collaboration Technology. London, Springer.

Available from Aalto University Library.