Against the current

The event named Archstoyanie runs at a place called Nicola-Lenivets since 2006.

The founder of the festival and its inspirational leader is Nikolay Polissky. In 2006, gathering local people, Nickolay built the first landscape objects on the banks of the Ugra river. Since that days, these places have attracted artists and architects from around the country.

Probably, they are attracted not only the beauty of dense forests and banks of the Ugra river. Surely, not the last place in an effort to creat such a design is its explicit nonprofit focus. As concerns the objects, they are completely different, from the towers of Nickolay Polissky, to the strange houses for meditation, such as “Nikola’s ear”: it is the huge wooden.

Even the forest is filled with objects of design: Nikita Tokarev and Arseniy Leonovich have created strange luminous nests. Generally, there is an architectural fairy tale mixed with nature and free fantasy in turned to the river to listen to the silence.