Lunabotics Competition

The Aalto Lunabotics team is a an interdisciplinary group of students from Aalto University participating in NASA’s Annual Lunabotics competition taking place in May. The objective of the competition is to create an excavator that can mine and deposit a minimum of ten kilograms of lunar soil simulant within ten minutes.
The project involves a number of challenges in the areas of electronics, software and mechanics.


Aalto University’s Design Factory and School of Electrical Engineering, as well as SKS Mechatronics Oy, are co-sponsors of the project.

Project Criteria
The project will be successful if the excavator can:
• Successfully mine silt
• Self-propel
• Has successful manual control (hardwire and wireless)
• Is within the restrictions imposed by the competition
• Be autonomous

Additionally, this project is expected to produce research documentation.

All students can apply to participate in the competition, and credits are awarded for participation. This competition creates a unique opportunity to participate in a hands-on project in the area of space-related technology and innovation.

Contact information:


Marcela Acosta – B.A. International Business, Maj. Information and Service Management
Anuraj Rajendraprakash – B.Tech. in Electronics. Maj. Msc. Space Science and Technology.
Ivan Sinkarenko – Communications. Maj. Msc. Space Science and Technology
Jaime Hernandez Zarate – B. Mechatronics. Navigation Maj. Msc. Space Science and Technology
Veikko Immonen, Maj: Machine Design, Min: Mechatronics
Eero Kivistö-Rahnasto, Maj: Production Engineering, Min: Machine Design
Marko Takala, Maj: Machine Design, Min: Mechatronics