About my studies

Last week I promised to shed some light on my studies here, so here goes.

I’m taking two courses in Stanford: Compilers and “Design and Analysis of Algorithms”. Compilers for 4 credits and Algorithms for 5 credits. We have corresponding courses at Aalto and I’m hoping to transfer these credits back home (should be possible since it worked out last year). Stanford is also quite famous of it’s computer scientists (Donald Knuth, John McCarthy and more) and accomplishments in the field. No way I would pass up an opportunity to test these courses out.

Compilers and algorithms sound boring? Monotonous nonsense on the lectures that no one cares about?


According to the lecturers, these things are the most interesting in the world. The enthusiasm of the lecturers is something that I have never experienced in Finland. Especially the lecturer of the compiler course sure seems to love his compilers – he also likes to wave his hands, talk a million words a minute and hop around the lecture hall. The enthusiasm is contagious and makes the lectures a really worth going to. Good thing that the lecturer of algorithms is a little calmer, I don’t think I could handle two super energetic lecturers in one day.

Also the lecturers are quite young. I don’t know if this is the result of the summer season or the usual standards here. I don’t have anything against older lecturers, but experience has shown that the younger ones have that youthful drive that gives them an edge in the lecture hall.

It’ll be interesting to see how the lectures develop and what kind of methods are used. Observant readers might have connected the nyan cat and the cookies from my last post to this one. Exciting times.