Aalto Garden Otaniemi student challenge

Aalto University Degree Programmes in Environmental Art and Landscape Architecture launch a student challenge with the aim of designing a open and active garden in the Otaniemi campus for Aalto community. 

The aim of the challenge is to create a campus garden area of a high visual standard that strengthens the sense of community within Aalto University and creates the right conditions for a versatile and outdoor learning environment. The proposal should also include principles for the functionality and use of the area.

The campus garden will be implemented during spring and summer 2012. The Aalto Garden Otaniemi competition is open to all students of Aalto University.

Competition period:  18 October 2011 to16 January 2012

More information:   http://www.aalto.fi/fi/current/news/view/2011-10-18-002/ and http://wdchelsinki2012.fi/en/news/2011-10-27/influencing-our-environment-through-design

Contact: Inka Finell, Tel. +358 (0)50 550 6251, inka.finell@aalto.fi 

Aalto Garden Otaniemi is part of the programme for World Design Capital Helsinki 2012.