Aalto City Garden


GardenersSite, May 2011

In April of this year, the landscaping of the site was completed, and in May we began to work on the site, installing a system of walking paths, benches made from large tree trunks, large rocks, wood chips and soil for a ground cover.  Clover has been planted recently, as well as 3 apple trees and 2 cherry trees, and raspberry and gooseberry bushes.  The local residents will soon be growing their vegetables on the site in wooden boxes.  Only a few final details are needed to complete our garden!

Aalto City Garden is a collaborative WDC -project, undertaken by Aalto University School of Art and Design, Environmental Art programme, ARTOVA, and the City of Helsinki.  Coordinated by Tuula Isohanni, this project was developed as a course in which students designed, planned and executed with the help of the local residents to create a garden in Arabianranta, at the corner of Muotoilijankatu and Arabiankatu, to be used as a site for locals to grow vegetables as well as to be used as a public park.

Text and photo: Elliott Scott