A new book on Auditory Display, Sound Computing and Sonic Interaction Design

The Sonification Handbook, Edited by Thomas Hermann, Andy Hunt, John G. Neuhoff, is now available both in print and as online book. Printed books can be purchased from the publishing house at http://www.logos-verlag.com/cgi-bin/engbuchmid?isbn=2819&lng=eng&id=

Thanks to the EU COST (Cooperations in Science and Technology) in particular the COST Action IC0601 (Sonic Interaction Design), we have been able to publish the book as an OpenAccess book, so that we can provide the book online in PDF. The online version of the book is provided at http://sonification.de/handbook. The website contains all media examples and supplementary material for the chapters.

I strongly recommend this book to be purchased for Aalto University library. The editors hope that the book will be useful for teaching, for anyone interested to dive into the field, e.g. for HCI practioners and researchers in the many application domains, to support them in discovering the potential of sound in interfaces.