A fresh start

Back from a sweet xmas time. A new semester has now come and serious things start.  The sauna needs to be finished by May 15th. So we basically have four months to make it work. Not so much time though.

We divided into three groups in order to focus on one particular aspect of the sauna within a small group of people: the skin, the structure and the functionality. Each group is currently studying the different possibilities to answer the issues raised by the project. A lot to think. First sketches and study models have been done.

In the meantime, we also need to organize the exhibition which will be held in Aalto Studio in Helsinki. The opening is scheduled for March 22nd. Our saunas as well as the progress on the project will be exhibited. Template, stands, panels, show slide have to be well thought.

We are also planning another trip to the site to decide the exact location of the sauna. Its location will determine the slope and therefore the inclination of all the walls. A key decision.