7.11. at 7 pm ”I stopped my body” Marian hospital, Lapinlahdenkatu 16, building number 3.

Hi all,

On Wednesday 7th November at 7 pm we go to theatre. those who were not this week in the gallery meeting, please give me an e-mail confirmation if you want to come latest 31.10. I have 16 names from last meeting. So if you were present you don’t have to double-sign-up.

The play/ dance piece is performed in a Maria’s Hospital, Lapinlahdenkatu 16, BUILDING 3.

Please come 18.45 latest!

If you check:

I stopped my body

In the middle of the page is text, where you click Marian sairaalassa, and you get the map directly.

”I stopped my body” Marian sairaalassa, Lapinlahdenkatu 16, rakennus 3.

Next week no meeting. But those who did not see THE FILM Woyzeck, I have organized that you can watch it in Otaniemi, Lämpömiehenkuja 3. So this is 31.10. at 4 pm. Vesa Rahikain will put the film running at 3 floor. If you don’t have access to the building, there is his mobile phone on the door downstairs. (And he will leave 16:05 from work). So far I got three people to see it collectively, you can also watch it home, if you want. The idea was to make only one review of both Woyzeck’s but to analyze the both ways how they were made and to compare them.

Ps. On Friday 9.11. at 6 pm A movie of Marina Abramovic at the Kiasma Theatre

cu in two weeks,