MIDI support on iOS and Android

Comments after Jari’s lecture suggested it would be a good idea to have pointers to various control devices that work on mobile platforms. Here is a summary what can be done on iOS 4.2 onwards via Core MIDI.

People have found 3 ways to use MIDI on iOS:

  1. Specialized hardware interfaces such as iRig MIDI or Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer II enable to connect the iThings to MIDI devices (MIDI Thru supported)
  2. Some MIDI devices can be plugged in to the USB input of Apple Camera Connection Kit. Sites such as http://iosmidi.com/devices/ keep track on what works.
  3. Core MIDI also supports to send MIDI data from a computer wirelessly. The wireless method is the preferred way for OSC.

Things are not that shiny on the Android world, developers however find their way with ingenious solutions, such as MIDI over Bluetooth.