Five weeks down – and school is picking up speed. Makes sense, since we are taking courses that usually last for twelve weeks in eight weeks. I wish the workload was more balanced, because the first few weeks were a little slow and now there are substantially bigger projects. Oh well, you can’t have everything.

Apart from programming and other stuff we visited the Virtual Reality Lab (I keep mentioning it over and over again, but it’s so cool!). The technology is a little bulky, in order to immerse yourself into the 3d fake reality you have to wear a 45 000 $ helmet, be in a room with haptic floor and eight cameras rigged to specifically track your other super expensive gear. And not even then is the immersion perfect. The world you see through the glasses updates with a little lag, the helmet is heavy and there’s a cord hanging from it. And of course you are still constrained by the physical world still around you.

But even with the downsides, all things considered the effect is quite profound. You put on the helmet and abracadabra – you are in a Spanish village, underwater or you can fly. Anyone who put on the helmet had a silly grin on their faces, presumably because the experience was quite out of this world. Turns out we have some Virtual Reality related courses back home as well, maybe I’ll check them out later on.

Most likely we will see the popularization of virtual realities in near future. Computer games are more popular each passing year and technology (like Microsoft Kinect) makes immersion even more effective and profound. Cool stuff.

Now back to schoolwork. There should be assignments completed in short order. Until next time,