4/4 FIND OUT MORE and GET INVOLVED 17.11.2011

Launch of the Aalto University WDC2012 programme
The World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 year is approaching, and the preparations are well underway. Aalto University plays a major role in the content production for the WDC 2012 programme, and the year will bring a great deal of visibility for us both in Finland and internationally.

The theme chosen by Aalto University is the promotion of better living environments under the title Living+.

Welcome to join us and learn more about our theme, Living+ and about the projects and events at Aalto during the theme year. 

Registration: https://eage.aalto.fi/?fs/en/WDC_2012

This is a 4th and last during the 2011 organized FIND OUT MORE and GET INVOLVED events. These events are open for all in Aalto and its WDC partners.


Welcoming words Dean Helena Hyvönen, School of Art and Design

How does the Aalto University WDC programme look like? Project Manager Kaisa Kivelä

How is Aalto University going to tell about it to the world? Producer Anna Varakas

Project introductions

365 Wellbeing Aalto student Kajsa Sundeson and Professor Turkka Keinonen

Aalto Garden Otaniemi Aalto sustainability Coordinator Meri Löyttyniemi

Base of the Pyramid Aalto student Carla Perrupaton, BOP project Development Director Teija Lehtonen

MoA Producer Tarja Peltoniemi

Wooden pavilion Aalto Student Pyry Kantonen

TIME                    17.11.2011, 14-16:00

PLACE                Aalto Design Factory, Betonimiehenkuja 5, Otaniemi

INFO                      living@aalto.fi