365|Wellbeing: designing psychiatric care

Date: Friday 21st of October 2011

Place: Ateneum Hall, Kaivokatu 2, Helsinki

Time: 10:30 – 14:30

User Inspired Design is a course given at the  Department of Design. The course topic is psychiatric care and it is done in cooperation with the Aurora Psychiatric Hospital and the Malmi outpatient clinic. Both units belong to the city of Helsinki Health Center. The students will be presenting opportunities for design to improve care environments, practices and image.

Six teams, 24 students with mixed backgrounds (design, engineering, business, etc.), will be presenting their work on this day.

This is a pilot course in the more extensive program 365|Wellbeing, which is Aalto’s key projects in the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 event.



10:30 Opening by Turkka Keinonen

10:45 Student presentations (6 teams)

12:45 Poster presentations & light food

14:00 Closing review & final comments

14:30 End