2.0 – Walkabout and Waterfront cocktails á la CPUT

The lovely Farzanah and her colleague from Creative Cape Town organized us a walking tour around the city bowl. The city center seems even smaller now, but also even more bizarre. You really at almost all times dislocate yourself; in one corner this city is like San Francisco, in one like Nantes, even like St.Petersburg. And it’s all mixed, no one area was apparently built or developed during a specific era or decade but has been developed at different times but all mixed by location – one building clearly from the French-times with its fragile beautiful wooden window frames and next to it a 60’s futuristic marble statue from the classic movie Metropolis. One (of many) really interesting thing we learned during the walk was the way street security is organized here – it’s local people, who are trained to do their security deeds professionally, and by local I mean area specific. These people are the best to do so – they have a stake, beyond their work, in the security of the area. We also of course walked to Fringe. Fringe, what I understood, got its name from the location based on the urban planning here. Fringe is the final built area between the city and the infamous District 6 that has been emptied, although apparently there are now plans to rebuild the area by giving the lots and building rights to the descendants of the people who lived on the land, when it was District 6. Nice idea. One local urban planner said it quite specifically; Cape Town has a separative, exclusive urban plan. Thank you so much for the whole Creative Cape Town staff for organising and managing our massive delegation in town. We even made it to the local newspaper – cool! I’m honoured to share the image with my colleagues, and of course the front row with Alistair.

All and all – there sure is lots to be done here, but thankfully there are already a lot of lovely, talented, passionate, committed, skillful people working with the issues that desperately needs to be addressed, like Yehuda Raff – who’s the man in charge of the work done in the Fringe by Creative Cape Town.

For the evening, CPUT invited the whole Aalto and App Campus delegation to meet them on their Hotel and Restaurant departments training restaurant at the breathtaking waterfront. The waiters were probably the best, friendliest here – although it seems like every one is, I haven’t yet met a grumpy waiter. And I cannot but admire that combination of physical and spiritual beauty the people here have, men and women – in all colours possible. We had once again funny yet meaningful conversations with the people from CPUT and of course also people from Aalto. We’ve mentioned it, from both sides and many times, that us from Aalto actually got to know each others work now here on the other side of the world, and the same for CPUT people – they have in our meetings gotten to know what is done in their own Uni as well. Well, better now than never for sure!

Creative Cape Town