Sheelagh Broderick

Sheelagh Broderick is an artist and researcher developing projects through interactive and collaborative processes that directly involve public engagement. Her current project is being developed within the framework of a doctoral program for research in and as artistic practice. It is a living inquiry that addresses the question of how art practices are and can be related to issues of contemporary politics and culture, specifically as they are manifested in the domain of health and in which the work of art acts as an intervention to life as lived. Interventions can take diverse forms as texts, talks and installations. Broderick is currently affiliated with GradCAM at Dublin Institute of Technology.  For more information see

Lisa Erdman

Lisa Erdman is an artist and doctoral candidate at the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture in Helsinki. Using corporate parody and satirical humor, her multimedia work explores the politics of gender, medicine, and cultural identity. She is interested in examining the internal and external mechanisms that shape our personal identities and sense of cultural reality. Lisa Erdman’s academic degrees include a Bachelor of Science in Dance and Interarts & Technology from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and a Master of Fine Arts in Electronic Arts from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York. For more information see

Terike Haapoja

Terike Haapoja is a visual artist, working and living in Helsinki, Finland. Her work consists of videos, installations and stage projects, characterized by the innovative use of new media and scientific technologies. Haapoja’s work deals with human – non-human relations and the clash of subjective experience of the world with objective knowledge of it.Haapoja has a MA degree both from the Theater Academy of Finland (dep.  of Performance art and -theory) and from the Academy of Fine Arts in  Finland. She is currently working on her artistic reasearch PhD in the  Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki.

Kaisu Koski

Kaisu Koski  graduated from the Faculty of Art and Design in the University of Lapland, and Amsterdam School of the Arts. In 2007 Kaisu earned her doctoral degree with a dissertation on interactive performances and installations in the University of Lapland. Her art practice is intertwined with academic research, focusing currently on the dialogue between art and medicine, and the methodology of arts-based research. Kaisu currently conducts her postdoctoral research between in collaboration with The Arts and Genomics Centre in Leiden University.

Juha Kostianen

Juha Kostiainen holds a position of Director for Communications and Public Affairs in Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund. Before taking this role at the beginning of 2012, he worked as Director for the Public Leadership and Management Programme in Sitra. Previously, Kostiainen worked as senior executive for YIT Corporation, a leading European service company in building systems and construction.  He also worked for the city of Tampere as Director of Economic Development. Kostianen has versatile experience related to societal activities and public affairs. He completed his doctoral dissertation in Regional Studies at the Tampere University. He has published several articles on regional economic development policy, competitiveness of city-regions and area development (housing etc.) also in referred academic journals. Kostiainen holds a position of adjunct professor at the University of Tampere (strategic development of city-regions).

Marika Orenius

MA Marika Orenius is currently doctoral student at The School of Arts, Design and Architecture at Aalto University. She has graduated from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, with additional
studies at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris and the Valand School of Fine Arts at the University of Gothenburg. She works with moving image, photography, drawing, performing and installation art. In her works, the contemporary French philosophy, psychoanalysis and feminism are combined with questions of power, warfare and terrorism, as well as myths, human perception and artist’s personal experiences.

Ernest Truely

Ernest Truely is an artist and educator living in Tallinn Estonia. He is on the board of directors of Culture Factory Polymer where he helps to coordinate artist residency and alternative art education. Truely is a member of Error collective which creates site specific, functional installation including Error sauna in Tallinn. He is also a lecturer at Baltic Film and Media School in Tallinn.

Truely has made live art since 1990 including performances such as Bare Bottom Spanking for Salvation, Circle of Life and Real Live Human Branding. Truely produces art in various media unified by a mission to “use art science and technology to bring us closer together.”