Project stakeholder

Blockchains were initially designed to keep the history and balance of multiple accounts validated and approved by destributing the information between multiple units.  With the distribution of the currency, each “maintainer” has a chance of earning currency by finding a “block” which is found by guessing the hash of the block. This function operation which is usually cryptocurrency specific is pretty costly in terms of computational power.

Our team goal is to modify the computational operation that will keep the blockchain up and running, solving real world computational problems at the same time.

The computational power can be applied by individuals or organizations that need it creating main group of stakeholders.

Description of the problem

After Bitcoin’s appearance, blockchains have become quite popular topic among people and media. Still, even though the technology isn’t exactly new anymore, there aren’t that many technical implementations for it.

Our team goal is to find new ideas and solutions how to one could make use of this technology. We might still lack some experience and we are uncertain how successful the project will be, but we all find the topic exiting and are remaining positive.