Final report done!

This week we finished up our final project report. We felt pleased with the result as a group, with the focus being on the demo and prototype that are included.

The bulk of the work was done on Thursday on our group meeting as well as on Saturday and Sunday as the deadline got closer. One thing that’s still left to do is our feedback session with Timo Seppälä – we wanted to get it in our final report but could only get a meeting for this week.

So we still have that to look forward to – and depending on the outcome maybe change our presentation for the grande finale a bit accordingly. We also have some polishing to do this week on our poster as well as the setup for our presentation table.

The layout is set but the content is mostly what we’re going to adress – how to articulate our project and final product in an understandable way that doesn’t need any verbal explanation from us.

This is our current situation – looking forward to the grande finale!

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