Prototype walkthrough

We have a finished prototype that can be found and used at:

  1. Register as a user or producer (or both)
  2. Log in
  3. Set price that you want to buy/sell energy at
  4. Set input and output of much energy produced and/or used (this is the input that would come from the smart energy meters)
  5. Voila! The mosaics are sent or received to you wallet accordingly
  6. To generate the bill you would receive, visit:
  7. Wait 45 seconds
  8. Go to “laskut” and if you are a energy consumer you will see the amount of euro you owe and how much energy you have used at a certain price (euro/kWh)

Thats the end of our prototype, in a full scenario this bill would then be sent to the consumer and the profits divided up so that the producer gets the majority.
This blogpost will be a typed out script for how to use the prototype, will be updated during the weekend.

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