More progress – website, backend and BMC

Hello again, we’ve been doing work behind the scenes – sorry for the blog silence. What have we been up to the past two weeks? We’ve been moving forward according to the plan.

Much of the work has been on the code side of things, we’re now able to create mosaics for the energy producers and then send them to consumer’s wallet – according to how much energy they use. To give you an idea of we’re we are at, here is the sort of output data we’re getting from our prototype:


{ producer: ‘test1’, consumer: ‘test5’, price: 0.1 }
{ producer: ‘test1’, consumer: ‘test3’, price: 0.1 }

This is a scenario where a producer named ‘test1’ has produced 15kWh extra energy and then sold it to two consumers, ‘test3’ and ‘test5’ accordingly. They both get half of the 15kWh produced (1kWh = 1 mosaic => 15000/2 = 7500 mosaics each). This information is read straight from the blockchain, meaning it is safely stored there and not changeable.

Based on this you can then bill the consumers according to the amount of mosaics x price sold and the profits can be moved straight to the producer.

In our current prototype we’re not connected to any real electrical circuit – instead we’re using input data that is similar to that produced by smart energy meters. That is, we get input and output electricity for each house at a certain time interval. This process still needs to be automated with the sending of mosaics in order for scalability to happen, since manually moving mosaics is not feasible.

We’ve also done a very rough first version of the poster for our final stand, it looks like this:
Posteri SCI-projekti

Other than this some small adjustments has been done on our website which can be found at:

However, it still needs some front end polishing which is on the agenda for this week. We’ve met with the team each week and will do so again this week on thursday – discussing our concerns and our plan of attack for the final push before the end of this semester and our final presentation.

We also worked on our Business Model Canvas which I’ll upload here tomorrow.


So  going forward this week will be front end week and perhaps some developments on the automatisation of mosaic sending. Also some polishing on our poster will be done.


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