Another week done

This week we met with Timo Seppälä who had some interesting insights into what we are doing. It turned out that he has done a similar project where the idea was to charge electric vehicles while they are parked in traffic lights etc.

This involves the same kind of automatic trade of energy via blockchain so we are certainly able to build upon what he and other have already done. We have access to that project’s source code and another one at:

Even though this is based on Ethereum (another blockchain technology platform) the logic is the same, so we can still use those parts when creating ours.

This week we also got the first version of our website up at and running, it can be found at:

However, this is only the front end part of things as mentioned in last week’s blog post -we are yet to implement the real back end functions so this only works as a way of seeing what we are doing before it is completely working.

Next week we’re going to meet with our assistant Arne Kiupa since we didn’t have time this week. We’ll show what we are up to – hopefully some back end parts are more developed by then.

Another thing that caught our attention was this large event on the smart grid, right here in Helsinki, Finland! At least one group member will attend so there will be another opportunity to gain insight on how the grid works today (and also how it will change smarter in the future).

Next week we’re continuing development with focus on coding, led by our software wizard Petri. As mentioned would be awesome to see some functionality on the back end of things since more than half of the course is already done – it depends on if any unforeseen issues arise or not.

Until next week.



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