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This week we settled on a path forward that builds on the model we came up with last week.

We discussed extensively for what our energy distribution system could look like. This involved lots of talking back and forth combined with drawing our thoughts on a whiteboard. After several hours we came up with a solution that should work, as long as we get the automated sending of Mosaics (digital assets stored in the blockchain via NEM technology) working.

We’ll start by working on a simple front end website that will work as a way for us to see the whole picture with all needed features. We can then build upon this simple site and develop the needed back end software as we go along. Among our first problems are how to use the data collected from smart grid meters and the automatic buying & selling of Mosaics.

We also presented our current idea to other students in Aalto and the general response was positive. People think it would work – as long as the energy you can buy is cheaper than that you get from big players like Fortum people will use it. We got in touch with the other energy prosumer group in this course and we do have similar topics albeit different approaches. We will be keeping them up to date with what we are doing and they will do the same – cooperation is good for both ours groups.

However, this we only spoke with people who are not very familiar with blockchain technology. Next week we have a meeting booked with Timo Seppälä who has much more knowledge in blockchain technology than we do. He will hopefully be able to give some more concrete feedback to what we are doing – like is there some essential benefit of blockchain we have missed and/or is our solution even feasible at all.

Also on next week’s agenda is communication with Caruna, a company that owns many of the electric grids in Espoo. They will hopefully be able to shed some light on how possible it is to sell energy peer to peer using their grid.

So in essence what we have on the menu next week: coding and more information-gathering. The more we can good feedback the less mistakes (and mistakes equal wasted time) we will make.

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  1. Voisimmeko ottaa jossain vaiheessa puhelu? Tai voisin vaikka tulla käymään tai te voisitte tulla käymään Innovation House Finlandissa (

    Huomenna perjantaina ja lauantaina olen varattu 8-17, mutta sen jälkeen soitella jos teille sopii?

    Meillä on tulossa hanke missä optimoimme energia-saarekkeiden energiankäyttöä ja paikallisesti haluamme hyvitys/laskutusjärjestelmän ja todennäköisesti se pitää tehdä lohkoketjuilla.

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