Screening opportunities

Last week we ended up with 6 ideas and the intention to review each of them, here’s how we did.

We went more in depth and discussed as a group the pros and cons of each idea, and on that essentially organizing an opportunity tournament. We got to think more about each idea on a conceptual basis – what potential unknowns and problems might be and also what positive sides it had.

Doing this we managed to filter out a top 3 which was

Energy grid solution

Decentralized Marketplace


And to decide which one we wanted to proceed with we did more thinking and googling on these potential topics and then voted within the team distributing 3-1 points per team-member. After a close shave the energy grid solution came out on top.

Going forward we distributed different team roles and  responsibilities to be able to efficiently attack the energy grid solution head on and start doing work. For starters it will mostly be more research on the micro-grid, Finnish electricity grid and blockchain contract solutions.

We also started writing our project plan and it should be finished by Monday (9.10) next week.

Our mission statement will also be worked on – currently it is something like this:

Incentive to produce own energy and sell it to gain $$$$$$




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