Support and guidance for working life – MSc student, apply to Aalto University Student-Alumni Mentoring Program

Did you know that about 70 Aalto University School of Business MSc students participated in the 2017-2018 Aalto University Mentoring Program? It is about half of the whole Aalto Mentoring Program. In addition, this means that around 70 Aalto University School of Business alumni volunteered to help our students in career planning and self-development. Wow!

The mentoring program has long roots in Aalto University School of Business. The program originated from the idea of the student union KY (Aalto University Business Students) to create an interactive relationship between students and alumni in the spirit of the mentoring tradition. A successful pilot project continued in coordination by Alumni Relations and Career Services ever since enjoying the ever-increasing popularity. In 2012, the new Aalto level mentoring program started including all Aalto schools. Aalto University’s Mentoring program utilizes the best practices in the former school-based programs.

The program connects annually up to three hundred Finnish and international students and alumni in Finland and abroad, thus being a unique combination of field-specificity, cross-disciplinarily, internationality and different generations. A huge thanks to all our wonderful alumni for sharing their time, expertise and experience!

What is mentoring?

Mentoring refers to a personal developmental process aimed at increasing an individual’s performance and professional expertise. Aalto student-alumni mentoring is all about open discussion, reflection, sharing experiences, new perspectives and mutual learning. Mentoring truly provides a bridge between studies and working life.

The heart of the entire mentoring program consists of monthly one-on-one meetings of the mentee and the mentor. As part of their relationship, the two parties are able to discuss career-related issues and topics of mutual interest. Alongside the one-on-one meetings, the mentoring program includes joint events, which give participants an opportunity to cross-disciplinary encounters and support for mentoring.

Why participate?

As a student (mentee) you will get support and guidance how to face working life, a chance to improve your job application skills and a unique possibility to build your network among a cross-disciplinary group of professionals.

Read a news story where Aalto University School of Business mentees and a mentor share their experiences from 2017-2018 mentoring program:

Some more experiences:

“Thanks to mentoring, I could broaden my network of professional contacts, find some of my strengths, weaknesses, find my dream job, get hired, and figure out how I want to shape my career.” – mentee 2017-2018

“I’m SO HAPPY that I participated in this program and that I was paired with my mentor!” – mentee 2017-2018

”My mentor helped me to know myself better and become more confident than I was.” – mentee 2017-2018

”I improved my resumee and started building my own network with contacts from local companies. Last but not least, I found a job in Finland.” – mentee 2017-2018

“I was lucky that my mentor was wonderful and super open, with whom it was really easy to talk about everything even more private. I got new perspective on things.”- mentee 2016-2017

“The monthly focus on my own future and working life forced me to think what I want from life and about my own choices. Now I feel that my goals are a bit clearer.”- mentee 2016-2017

”From the mentoring program I had a deep understanding of the working environment of Finnish companies.” – mentee 2016-2017

Grab the chance for this great opportunity!

Aalto University degree students in the Master’s stage are eligible to apply as mentees. In case you are willing to learn and develop yourself and you are ready to commit yourself to mentoring for an academic year 2018-2019 (from September to May), this is a great chance for you! Mentoring program is highly recommended by Career Services.

Application period is 3.4.-3.5.2018.

Mentors are Aalto University graduates, our alumni. It is possible to get a mentor from Aalto University School of Business, or from another Aalto school. Remember to fill in your application form carefully, since it helps us in the matching process. Aalto University School of Business pairs are matched by School of Business Career Services and Alumni Relations.

More information and how to apply

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Text: Tanja Makkonen, Senior Manager, Career Services of Aalto University School of Business
Photo: Mikko Raskinen

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