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We are a group of six students from Aalto University, majoring in Computer Science, Industrial Engineering & Management, Information Networks. More detailed introduction of us can be found in the Group Members page.

This project is part of our course SCI-C1000 – SCI Project Course, an interdisciplinary course designed for all of us. In our case, the project we chose is labelled as ‘BioDesign 1’. Our project topic can be roughly translated into “ensuring clear communication between hospital, patient and his/her close relatives”.

The communication between the hospital (or the healthcare) and patient’s close relatives is not perfect: some of the information may be lost to the language barrier or the instructions might be misinterpreted. Our problem is to find a solution for the hospital/healthcare to, reliably, rely the treatment-information to home for the patient and his/her close relatives. It is of the utmost importance for the patient and the relatives to, respectively, receive the right information in the right way at the right time.

Many stakeholders exists in our project. In addition to us students working on this project, the most important stakeholders are the aforementioned parties, who are directly involved with the information exchange. Our solution should be aimed at satisfying the needs of these parties.

Other major stakeholders are officials and authorities, since we’re potentially dealing with sensible and/or confidential information. Should the project bear fruits, we need to look for media, possible financiers and even competitors as well.

All in all, we expect a challenging but rewarding project course throughout Autumn 2017. Expect to receive more updates from us soon!

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