Week 10 – Mental Illness

This lecture week introduced us to the “world” of brain disorders. Very first thing was to introduce the “difference” between brain disorder and mind disorder. Basically in neurology, there is interest in brain disorders and in case of mind disorder the psychiatry should handle that. Like every other disorders or situations that need medical care, mind and brain disorders need money to be treated. It was kinda shocking how big a bill is hidden behind the brain and mind disorders. This outflow of money might be curbed, for example, by investing in brain research and creating new treatments based on our knowledge of the brain. This could improve social well-being as well as reduce the financial burden.

The facts behind these brain and mind disorders introduced us to the end part of the lecture which deals with things from a brain perspective. Many things were raised and the facts that happen inside our brain are kinda mind-blowing. However, the most memorable part of this week was the video that I watched.  The video was called “I had a black dog, his name was depression” and it was introduced during the lecture. The video was kinda sad but on the other hand it taught a very important lesson.