Week 6 – Chemical Control of the Brain and Behaviour

The lecture week 6 was about neurotransmitter systems. In lecture week 3 we learned the basic information about the function and classification of neurotransmitters and, for example, the concept of acetylcholinergic synapse, and this week we advanced our knowledge. Lecture was very interesting and its informative pictures and videos made the topic easy to understand. In our opinion, the most interesting part of the lecture was to learn the basics of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

In addition, we got to participate in a very interesting excursion earlier this week. This excursion was organized by the BABA Center and we got to know the important and interesting work they are doing. The work at the BABA Center is research aimed  and focused at elucidating the development of infant brain function. It was fun to hear how a wide range of professionals from different professions worked at BABA. At first we also didn’t think about what all the anomalies have to be taken into account when examining babies. However, the research and development work done by the BABA Center is really important. It’s great to think that their brain research methods can detect abnormalities in the early stages of a baby’s development much more effectively in the open. Thus, if necessary, it is also possible to heal an individual in a timely manner.