Week 5 – Chemical Senses, Eye, Central Visual System

Lecture week 5 was about Chemical Senses, Eye and Central Visual System. During week 5 also the Aalto NeuroImaging Infrastructure also known as ANI was introduced to us. This virtual excursion was nicely organized and in my opinion it gave a good overview of what the ANI is about and what they are doing. This excursion corresponded very well to the lecture topics in a way that we got the concretic view of how the phenomena are really examined and which methods could be used in different cases. For example the accuracy of the eye tracking introduced during the excursion was very impressive and the way it could be used. More excursions like this could be organized because these kinds of events arouse interest and give an idea of how the information to be studied can be utilized and researched further.


The lecture of week 5 and related chapters in the course book taught extensively the mechanisms behind olfaction and gustation, the structure and function of the eye, and the function of the central visual system. The week 5 covered a lot of concepts, some of which were quite complex and new for me, but the lecturer managed to explain topics very clearly.