Kick-off for the course NBE-E4210

​​The first lecture evoked interest in the topics covered in the course and gave a good motivation to why the course is important. The first lecture and the chapters 2 and 3 of the book contained much of what had already been learned at previous courses, but the repetition was necessary. It is essential to fully learn the topics covered in chapters 2 and 3 to understand, for example, how different brain diseases affect the brain at the cell level.

It was interesting to hear the different approaches for modeling the brain and alternative ways to present neuronal activity. For me it was also important to see the bigger picture and ask the big questions that motivate a lot of the brain research. Questions such as who are we, what drives our choices and what constitutes brain disease are excellent motivators for studying the brain. It is very important to relate the theory we study to real life problem solving.

So the course just began and there are a lot of  interesting questions in the air but also a lot of answers coming… I hope. The way the course is implemented seems to be really good. Also the idea of many lecturers during one lecture creates much more discussion and this really enhances the learning. We look forward to it!