Week 6. Brain anatomy workshop and end of period I


This week we did not have lecture on Monday, however we had wonderful offline exercise session at Aalto. On Tuesday, we were at our university for the first time this year. From this we experienced a pleasant nostalgia; it was great to see the teachers and colleagues within the walls of our home university.

Among that, it was quite interesting and fun to complete the task of building a brain model out of putty. We managed to create a 3D model of the brain and remember its main parts well. In our opinion, such task helps a lot to have a better idea of the dimensions and relations of the brain areas to each other. It is good that our teachers came up with such a creative assignment for us. In addition the short clip of the anatomic model made of the human brain was pretty amazing and good to watch over and over again! One thing that would be very useful, would be to get to take part in a real human brain anatomy workshop, but this was a good replacement for that, and the materials provided give you good idea of the anatomy. It would be quite difficult to learn all of these things just based on pictures in books.

Now we can definitely name the main parts of the brain and its structures such as: the brainstem, frontal, parietal, temporal and occipital lobes, cerebellum and the main sulci and gyri.

Overall the whole period one has been very packed with information, partly new, and partly “old” for us. It has been a very nice experience and all the tasks provided have been quite useful to approach the issues from different angles. It has been nice to notice that the teachers have put effort to make the course as versatile as possible in the current situation. The extra materials and links provided have also been a very nice addition and useful for supporting our studying. We look forward to period II starting next week.