Text seminar: Strange Tools – Art and Human Nature 1-29.3.2017

Text seminar on Strange Tools – Art and Human Nature, 4 cr
4. period 1.3.-29.3. 2017, room 5010; Wednesdays 9.30 – 12

Level of the course: Doctoral studies
Teacher in Charge: University lecturer Taneli Tuovinen with Prof. (emerita) Riitta Hari and Prof. Helena Sederholm
Learning Period: Periods IV, First Meeting March 1th, room 5010
Learning outcomes: The student will be able to deal with various levels of contemporary discourse on the technique and technology based artistic reality and its outcomes, argue for and against the theoretical approaches and standings.
The course will deal with a variety of problems in relationship of art and cognition (in neuroscience, art history, cultural theory, artistic research, philosophy) and their place in the everyday life, popular culture and in public debate.

Content: We will read and discuss the book Strange Tools: Art and Human Nature (Farrar, Straus and Giroux 2015) by philosopher and cognitive scientist Alva Noë.
Study Material: Participants acquire the book or a copy of it themselves before the course starts
Assessment Criteria: activity in discussion
Substitutes for the Course: none
Prerequisites: none
Grading Scale: pass/fail
Registration for the Course: Via WebOodi
Language of the Course: English
More information: Taneli Tuovinen (onni.tuovinen@aalto.fi)

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