Athens Journal of Architecture, Vol 3, Issue 2, 2017

The April issue (Volume 3, Issue 2, April 2017) of the Athens Journal of Architecture has been published:

  • Improving Architectural Pedagogy toward Better Archistructural Design Values by Sawsan Saridar Masri
  • Public Space as a Public Good: Some Reflections on Public Space to Enjoy Solitude by Urša Komac
  • The Blind Spot.How Three Cities in Three Different Countries Counteracted the Crisis in the 1970s by Per Åke Nilsson
  • Conversion, Simplification and Differentiation: Three Rural Housing Strategies in China Based on Self-built Housing and Construction Solidarity by Dou Ruiqi
  • Eco-designed Heat Insulating Panels: Experimental Development for Social Houses in an Arid Area of Argentina by Arturo F. Buigues Nollens

The Athens Journal of Architecture has a Level 1 rating at JUFO (Julkaisufoorumi / Publication Forum). There is no submission or publication cost.

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