Week 10

This week we dived into wiring system of the brain. We learned a lot how the connections in the brain are formed and modified. And again we understood the effects of genes and genetic programs.

There was many things which we thought were some how weird. For example it feels weird that the direction where cell divides can specify the task of the cell in the future. Other thing what we wondered was the development of muscle cells. First they grow everywhere but then they start ‘losing their connections’ and in the final situation they are only connected with specific place.

Couple weeks ago we spoke a lot of depression and its effects. This week we went back to that topic. Book says that when child is born, she/he already has all brain cells. And that thing led us to think more about that how well is it possible to recovery after some injury or disease in childhood. And that thought lead us back to depression. Is the effects of depression or for example burnout only brain plasticity or is they some larger which cannot be reshalled? And how much depression is affecting like after 10 years or 40 years?

We also spoke about critical periods specially in teen age. And wondered how critical is that time? And when it’s the most critical times?