EEG measurements


This is my brain teacher. And if it were my Facebook post, this would be definitely already enough to get about 100 likes and at least 20 comments. But here I probably still need to write something else.

That’s very sad that we had only one subject,¬† I wish we could at least compare our data with the eeg of a watermelon, for instance. How fast do vegetables react on visual stimuli? On aural stimuli? Did anybody study that? If not I’m already writing my phd application.

Technical part of the experiment was fun and it was quite easy. I love all this medical stuff, cute cap with electrodes and diods (might be useful as well for Halloween), needles, syringes.. Just the gel perfume could be a bit more pleasant.

Since we are lamers preparations took about 40 minutes, but should be faster of course. Then we just run the presentation (it was kindly given by Marko, so we didn’t have to write the stimuli), then we recorded the data, washed the dishes, and then it was done. I suppose that the whole thing with writing the presentation and scripts for analysis would be way more tricky and time consuming task, but unfortunately that was not part of the course.

That’s really sad that the course has ended, it was one of the best I’ve been taking in Aalto. I wish it could be longer.

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