AMI excursion

For so many years I was longing to try to fool the lie detector, and finally got a chance. It says I always lie. Despite the fact I do never. And say nothing but truth. That’s quite offensive. So from that session I have learned that the lie detector hates me. And it’s a liar. Don’t believe it, believe me.

fMRI lab was way more keen to me. Probably because we were a bit familiar. It was nice to refresh some general knowledge and get an ability to ask some questions and clarify few details. And I was glad to meet lab assistants again. They are always so kind and helpful, it’s a big pleasure to work there.

TMS sounds like a powerfull technology with a wide spectrum of application variability. Hovewer, when it goes about treatment and healing (not about research), I doubt that all these “helping devices” can make us healthier and happier. I think this kind of technologies make those who use them weak. Well, maybe it’s a way of natural selection realization.

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