Week 2

Week 2 was started with a short quiz of about 7 questions. The quiz was not that difficult since I have been reading the book and making my notes during all the weekend. Besides that, I have to say that I like a lot this kind of activity since it activates attention and forces to recall randomized parts of your new knowledge very rapidly – all the new information from the previous week in 5 minutes only.

After the quiz, the lecture has started. This week we had two lectures: Iiro Jääskeläinen and Risto Ilmoniemi were lecturing together. So. the lecture became not a monologue but a dialogue between two neuroscientists, which encouraged the audience to participate in the conversation.

We were studying the mechanism of AP, all it’s phases in details (rest state- stimuli-threshold-depolarization-peak-repolarization-hyperpolarization-resting state). Then, we went through different types of classification of synapses (electrical-chemical, axon-axonic/axon-dendritic/axon-somatic). Besides that, we were given the explanation of neurotransmitter transmission, we have learned where and how transmitters are synthesized, where are they stored, released and destroyed.

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