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Week 4 Exercise session

And again about the exercise session 🙂

Last week we were running a short experiment measuring the response time for aural and visual stimuli by using special application Expyriment. The process was interesting itself, but what was absolutely unexpected were the results. I’ve run the experiment 7 times, got quite controversial results for both types of stimuli, and the rest of the session was trying to understand this data with the help of professor Marko Havu and course assistants.

These exercise sessions do really motivate me to learn more, to try to find answers and explanations by revealing the questions and making me stuck.

Week 3

Today’s lecture was dedicated to the Synaptic Transmission. We were studying related terms and definitions (gap junction, neurotransmitters and their 3 types, absolute and relative refractory period, EPSP, IPSP, etc.), classifications and mechanisms and different methods of research (optogenetic, for instance). The difference between chemical and electrical transmission was explained (electrical synapses are bidirectional and they are faster). Then, since the majority of synapses are chemical the rest of the lecture we were studying them only.

Week 3 Exercise session

Couldn’t resist mention our second exercise session. We had a chance to try to make a 3d model a brain while listening the lecture of professor Marko Havu about the brain structure and its main parts. That was very crucial for me to be able to rebuild the whole thing from the scratch, step by step, since the final pictures of the brain in the books usually look too sophisticated and complicated to me (not to say messy :-))

(No no, I will not dare to post photos of my masterpiece here, but it was a great experience. And very beneficial in terms of understanding its spatial structure, inner organization and proportions.)

Thank you for this experience

Week 2

Week 2 was started with a short quiz of about 7 questions. The quiz was not that difficult since I have been reading the book and making my notes during all the weekend. Besides that, I have to say that I like a lot this kind of activity since it activates attention and forces to recall randomized parts of your new knowledge very rapidly – all the new information from the previous week in 5 minutes only.

After the quiz, the lecture has started. This week we had two lectures: Iiro Jääskeläinen and Risto Ilmoniemi were lecturing together. So. the lecture became not a monologue but a dialogue between two neuroscientists, which encouraged the audience to participate in the conversation.

We were studying the mechanism of AP, all it’s phases in details (rest state- stimuli-threshold-depolarization-peak-repolarization-hyperpolarization-resting state). Then, we went through different types of classification of synapses (electrical-chemical, axon-axonic/axon-dendritic/axon-somatic). Besides that, we were given the explanation of neurotransmitter transmission, we have learned where and how transmitters are synthesized, where are they stored, released and destroyed.