Week 11: EEG measurement

This week started with an EEG measurement in the Aalto Behavioural Laboratory. The same reaction time exercise was now executed also with EEG to measure the electrical activity of the brain. First, one of us was chosen to be the subject, so the EEG electrode hat was placed on his head. To make the conductivity better, all of us got to try add some gel to the interface between electrodes and the scalp. That was fun to do something more practical and to test how things work.

It was interesting to see the EEG curves during the measurement (and for example, how the curves change when closing the eyes or chewing the jaws together). We are not given the measurement data yet, but apparently we need to do some kind of report about the lab measurement.

It would be nice to get feedback from our previous exercises. For example, the deadline for our second assignment was over a month ago but we still have not got any feedback from it. Instead of getting feedback from exercises in logical order, we have got feedback from our first assignment and our fourth assignment, which was a little bit confusing.

Hope that we get feedback before our final exam!


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