Week 9: Confusion

The beginning of this week was really confusing. First of all, there was no information about the coming quiz number 9 (in the “Grades” section of MyCourses, there has been only 8 quizzes from the start of the course). The subject of the lecture, chapter 22, was not in the course timetable, so apparently we are not going to discuss chapter 21 (Attention) in any lecture?  Also, an EEG measurement exercise was added to the timetable, but we don’t know what the groups 1 and 2 mean. Are we going to get some more information about that to be able to plan our personal timetables related to other courses we have.

The exercise 5 that was published this week, and the questions seem interesting but the workload is rather heavy. The subject of the lecture was interesting, because for example anxiety is such a common problem nowadays.  The exam is probably going to be hard and requires a lot of reading and time to prepare for it, so we are quite afraid of it. Also, a question about the extra quiz: are the points just going to be added to the total of all quiz points, or just to quiz about chapter 15, if some points were lost in that quiz.

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