Week 8: Attention

The chapter 21 of this week was nice and compact. It discussed how attention is directed in the brain as well as behavioral and physiological effects of attention. The chapter touched on MRI, which is currently studied in another course of ours as well. This gives us a more diverse view of this concept, which is always good. This course has a more practical view on MRI, whereas the other course gives us a more theoretical and computational perspective.

We also had the second excursion of the course this Tuesday to Cognitive Brain Research Unit in Meilahti. The excursion was overall rather interesting, but the premises were quite cramped for that many people.  This resulted in a lot of waiting because we had to split into two smaller groups. However, it was nice to see the lab where the EEG measurements are executed in addition to the lectures. We are wondering, whether or not we have the third excursion next Tuesday, and where it is located. A bit more information would be useful.

According to the course schedule, we have the last reading this week. This gives us more time to recap all the topics of the entire course to perform well in the course exam. Overall, we are so far very happy with this course.

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