Week 7: Wiring the Brain

This week’s reading was chapter 23 of the book, discussing the wiring of the brain. This includes the genesis of neurons and connections, as well as elimination and rearrangement of cells and synapses. The lecture was a nice recap of the auditory systems and covered all the most essential phenomena.

We also had our first excursion this week, so we visited Nexstim in Pasila. The excursion was extremely interesting and well organized, and gave us a more practical view of the brain and motor functions. It was nice to hear that they are interested in hiring more people and trainees from Aalto! When seeing in practice how you can utilize knowledge about the brain, it makes us even more motivated to learnĀ  as much as possible. In general, having excursions as part of the course is a great idea and a nice alternative for the exercise sessions. It creates also nice variation, when having these excursions in addition to the normal exercise sessions. However the needed registration for the excursion could have been mentioned a little earlier than during the evaluation week.

We were also wondering is there going to happen something regarding this course in December, or is there just time to recap independently before the exam.


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