Week 6: Auditory Systems

The reading of this week and next week will be about the auditory system. This includes different parts of the ear, phases of the auditory processing and the vestibular system. The chapter discusses the entire auditory system in an extremely detailed manner. The ‘of special interest’ -boxes gave really nice practical examples related to the theory explained in the chapter.

We have couple of  improvement suggestions. First of all, the questions of the quiz this weeks were not very carefully collected, which is a bit frustrating. We read the chapter carefully, but then some of the questions were not even answered in the chapter. Second of all, the exercises, chapters to read for the quizzes , and the lectures could be a bit more synchronized. For example, the auditory exercise session was last week, but we are just now starting to read the auditory chapter. And the lecture won’t be until two weeks. One of us would also like to have the deadlines earlier to get feedback from the previous exercises to improve the reports of the following exercises.

Anyway, we all feel that we have learned a lot during this first half of the course, and all the subjects have been truly interesting. This course is certainly going to be a very good base for the upcoming master’s studies.

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